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What is Vehicle Wrapping?


Vehicle wrapping is a technique that has previously been used mostly on commercial vehicles for advertising and branding purposes, but it is now being adopted by private vehicle owners. And it doesn't stop there! Boats, motorcycles, trailers, quads, rims...it can all be wrapped! The best part? It's a cheaper, faster and a more unique alternative to paint! It gets even better! Every vinyl wrap is applied without a knife! Absolutely no damaging equipment will touch your vehicle!

bmw,vinyl wrapping, toms river, custom, cheap, cover up, fast, new jersey
bmw,vinyl wrapping, toms river, custom, cheap, cover up, fast, new jersey

How Does it Work?


The process itself involves covering the whole exterior of a vehicle in a thin, malleable, adhesive vinyl. Once the vinyl has been positioned and applied, it is trimmed and cut away using knife-less technology from around the windows, door jambs, panel gaps and trim details. It is then thoroughly stuck down onto the paintwork by working out any trapped air from underneath the vinyl with a soft squeegee, and using a heat gun to help it adhere and to work it around the contours of the vehicle. There are multiple textures, finishes and colors to choose from. Come in to Car Wash & Beyond for a consultation! Check us out on Facebook to see how we can customize just about anything!

We only use Avery and 3M Vinyl!

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Check out these customized wraps!

Designed and applied right here in Toms River in our temperature controlled shop!

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