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Wrapping A Boat?!

Yes! You can wrap a boat! And surprise, surprise...it's cheaper than paint.

I understand that vinyl wrapping a boat may seem like a cheap solution that is too good to be true, but it is! With wraps, you can customize the look of not just your vehicle, but your boat as well! It is a faster alternative to painting a boat, which is what makes it cost less. The quality of the work is what you are paying for. If you have been having any doubts about getting your boat wrapped for this season? You are not alone however, here are a few reasons why getting your boat wrapped is the way to go!

Advantages of vinyl yacht wrapping

Vinyl yacht wrapping has many advantages over marine painting.

  • Cost-effective – Vinyl wrap can cost two thirds less than a professional spray job.  Boat wrapping is a very cost-effective alternative to marine painting.

  • Fast – Applying vinyl wrap is a very quick process, and depending on the size of the boat can usually be done in a few days. That means further cost reductions due to a cut down on shipyard time.

  • Easy maintenance - A vinyl wrap is easy to care for. There is no need to buff or polish, you can just use soapy water to keep clean. Furthermore if the vinyl wrap gets scratched or dented, a simple patch up can be done.

  • Personalize – Boat owners can let their imagination run wild with vinyl wraps. Almost any design can be made making the vessel a one-of-a-kind.

  • Reversible - Vinyl boat wraps are fully reversible with no damage to the paint underneath (provided the underlying paint is sound). Use vinyl wraps to protect your boat’s original paint or gelcoat and maintain re-sale value, or try an ‘out there’ new colour without having to worry about it affecting the boat’s re-sale value in future.

  • Long lifespan - Car Wash & Beyond only uses premium quality 3M and Avery vinyl for wraps. That means your vinyl wrap should last at least as long as a marine paint job.

  • Safe and eco-friendly - With no chemicals or solvents, vinyl boat wrapping is a safe and eco-friendly alternative to toxic marine paints.

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