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Will The Winter Weather Damage My Wrap?

Writer: Dayna M. Flores

The short answer is...no. As long as you take proper care of your vehicle, your wrap will not suffer any damage from the winter weather. Just like most painted vehicles, road salt is the most dangerous element your car will come into contact with. So to keep your wrap looking as fresh as when it was applied...remember to REMOVE SALT! Luckily not only do we apply wraps but we know how to take care of them as well! And our NEWLY INSTALLED flat belt conveyor car wash is the IDEAL place to go to get rid of all of Winter's debris.

But if you can't make it into the car wash regularly, be sure to remember to remove any salt from the undercarriage, wheel wells, and surfaces. This will not directly impact your wrap right away, but if you leave it on for the winter, it will potentially cause rust which could then lead to wrap damage.

If you keep your car parked in your driveway during the snowy weather here's a quick tip. Do NOT use any shovels or ice scrapers on your vehicle wrap OR paint while removing snow and ice. Instead carefully use a broom, or better yet, a soft cloth to remove the snow and ice. Just like paint, scraping at your wrap will cause damage.

So is your wrap safe during the winter? Yes. With the right care, your wrap will be just fine. Still on the fence about getting your wrapped installed this upcoming season? Well actually Winter is THE BEST time to get your car wrapped! With less need for your vehicle, you will have the time to leave your vehicle to get your car properly wrapped without much inconvenience! It's also a GREAT holiday gift if you want to think outside the box this Holiday Season!

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