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Why Wrap Rather Than Paint?

1: The main reason why vinyl wrap is a better choice than paint? It’s less expensive! Painting an entire car will run you upwards to $5,000! You can wrap an entire car for a fraction of the cost. And it doesn’t just stop with cars, you can wrap motorcycles, boats, rims… the possibilities are endless!

2: It’s faster! Painting a vehicle could take weeks. Vinyl wrap? You’ll be in your car in just a few days!

3: Vinyl wraps are durable. They can handle all weather conditions and common dings and scratches better than paint!

4: Did you know that wraps can be easily removed and without damaging any of the existing paint underneath? Well, you can! Changing your style just became easier than ever before.

5: Vinyl wraps are completely customizable. There are matte and glossy finishes, different textures and can be personally designed by you!

So what are you waiting for? Let your car represent YOU! Come on in to Car Wash & Beyond today for a consultation!


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